Universidad de Monterrey

We are a higher-education institution of catholic inspiration, open to students and faculty of all creeds and backgrounds. At present, we have 15 thousand students and we offer 46 undergraduate degree programs, 4 baccalaureate programs​, 16 master degree programs, 13 graduate specialties, 37 medical specialties, and one doctorate.​​​



ESTOA building is a space for longlife studies and administration offices. It has almost 90 thousand square meters of construction, over 19 thousand square meters of outdoor and garden areas, 1,750 parking spaces, social spaces for students, food area, offices and several halls for academic purposes.


Centro Roberto Garza Sada (CRGS)

A space for ideas and expressions that brings together and develops the best creative talent, thus consolidating itself as a seat for the formation, creation, and preservation of art, architecture, and design in Latin America.

It currently holds silver-level LEED Certification, granted by USGBC (the U.S. Green Building Council), which makes it the first of Tadao Ando’s works ever to receive this type of award. Since 2013, the rooms, workshops, and laboratories of the CRGS have provided service to seven undergraduate degree programs, five graduate degree programs, and a high-performance program for the best 300 students in Latin America.

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The Universidad de Monterrey ABRE Center is part of the university’s Engineering and Technology Division. Its mission is to encourage company competitiveness through innovation in containers, packages and packaging methods.

The name ABRE became from the word “open” in spanish. All commercial and industrial products come in a package. When the purchaser opens the package, they expect the product to be in perfect condition. The ABRE Center has focused on giving the industry an opportunity to assess its products before launching them into the market in order to guarantee that they are in good condition when they reach the end consumer.

Through specialized training, transport simulation tests, design, materials evaluation, and the building of prototypes, the ABRE Center helps the industry to improve and to reduce the costs of its packages.

At ABRE Center are working technical and packaging professionals, as well as industrial consultants who offer to the industry advice on any area or packaging.


Master’s Degree in Packaging Design and Development (on line)

The Master’s degree program in Product Design and Packaging is aimed at candidates interested in generating new alternatives for the design of products and packaging, taking into consideration the factors that have a direct impact on design and its processes, seeking to produce high-level experts who are prepared to solve problems with leading-edge proposals.

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